Coaching “Coaching is the Universal Language of Changing and Learning” -CNN By Karen “My son Josh taught my daughter Katie about Luck Surface Area.  It is a concept coined by Jason Roberts from gave this example of Luck Surface Area.  Imagine that every person begins life with a dartboard and one dart. Some of the dartboards are the size of a pin […]

Understanding Your Group: The Power of Observation

Understanding Your Group: The Power of Observation Good Observation Skills Can Give Us Valuable Information beyond What Is Being Said By Karen Snyder We spend much of our lives in various kinds of groups, but many of us seldom take the time to observe, discuss, and try to understand what is happening within them.The ability […]

​Explain, Don’t Complain . . .

Explain, Don’t Complain… “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein By Karen Snyder My husband and I had the pleasure of taking our daughter, Katie, on college tours last week.  The campuses were lovely with both young adults and spring flowers sprouting and growing.And yes, we are […]