Biotech HR Community Comes Together to Strengthen Networks Amid Regional Growth

“Networking for Success” How a strong network can Help your HR Business Challenges: Recap of Q1 HRBA Membership Meeting March 27, 2019 “Networking for Success” was the title of the presentation at the HR Bioscience Alliance (HRBA) March quarterly meeting hosted at Viela Bio.  This is an important topic for HRBA members given the state […]

Changing Management

Changing Management Changing Management is never easy. By Karen Snyder “It was on 5:45am and 4 degrees when I left for my yoga class. Chilled to the bone, the frigid air washed away my drowsiness. I was looking forward to quickly forging into deep stretches easing my tense and tight muscles. You can imagine my […]


Coaching “Coaching is the Universal Language of Changing and Learning” -CNN By Karen “My son Josh taught my daughter Katie about Luck Surface Area.  It is a concept coined by Jason Roberts from gave this example of Luck Surface Area.  Imagine that every person begins life with a dartboard and one dart. Some of the dartboards are the size of a pin […]